At OceansCaptain we know that a yacht can be chartered not only at open waters but even docked at marina and be accessible within all the year even when the summer has left. Our OceanFloat yacht Experiences will welcome you to a new way of yachting by offering luxury services . Anytime you can combine our Oceanfloat yacht Experiences with a cruise for some hours in turquoise waters of Athens riviera and feel salty for a while.

OceanFloat Yacht Cinema: On deck Movie Experience:

Are you in Athens ? What are you planning for this beautiful night ? Any of our on the Yacht can offer you the chance to experience any movie you want while surrounded by the peace and quiet of the sea around you. Watch your favorite movie stars under the sky and floating on the sea. Minimum Hours of Booking: six hours

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Ocean Float Yacht Night on Board : Sea night and Breakfast experience:

Our Oceanfloat yacht hotels ‘boatels’ can offer you and your company a luxury accommodation that you can be lulled to sleep by the sound and motion of the water . You will determine the luxury you deserve. All our Oceanfloat yacht hotels can be both docked in marina as well as by oceanfloat your night dreams and breakfast time in open waters. We have more than 50 Ocean float hotels in Athens and more than 20 Oceanfloat hotels in Greek islands. Minimum days of staying: 2 nights / 3days

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OceanFloat Yacht Apartment: yacht Houses for long Residence experience

Are you looking for a new apartment near sea in Athens? Are you an expatriate who are going to work in Greece? Why not choose one of our Oceanfloat yacht houses for long residence , available for booking for more than one month and be not near the sea but on the Sea. Our Oceanfloat yacht houses are docked at marina and are ready to welcome you on the new way of “ rental an apartment”. Minimum period of Booking: One month

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OceanFloat Yacht Taste: Sea Lunch and Dinner on board Experience

When it comes to taste no restaurant in the world that can match the personalized menu, and the sea view under the blue sky of a floating yacht restaurant charter. Any of our chefs can provide you with your customized menu and our yacht brokers to find your desired floating yacht restaurant among our fifty in Athens riviera and Greek islands. Minimum Hours of Booking: four hours

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OceanFloat HR Room: Interview , Learn and Develop

All the HR professionals knows that planning and executing a successful training program is far more complex than simply book a place anywhere or in house place that risks delivering ineffective, low-ROI results based on the group and the reason of the tarining. Choose among training venues is one part of the equation of planning a successful training event. Try to offer a differnet option for a learning program in one of our Ocean float HR room docked at marina.It can host from ten to thirty participants. Minimum booking : minimun eight hours

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OceanFloat : Art ,fashion and Cultural Presentation

As an artist , musician , fashion designer ,writer , painter , photographer , you know that a venue marketing strategy is more than a plan, it’s the GPS system that lead you to your successful destination. Let us organise your day at one of our OceanFloat yacht ,172.57ft, refit 2019 docked in Athens. Relocation is available for any place in Greece Minimum Booking : minimun eight hours

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OceanFloat: Shipping meeting Seaplace

Greece is a major maritime nation and one of the most important sectors of economy. Are you a shipping in Greece or worldwide ? Are you planning an international business meeting or review meeting or VIP meeting? Let us to offer our hospitality to your exceptional Shipping Day by organising this day at one of our OceanFloat yacht ,172.57ft, refit 2019 docked in Athens. Relocation is available for any place in Greece. Minimum hours Booking : six hours

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